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The website (Feuerwerk is the German word for fireworks) is designated for an introduction to fireworks and pyrotechnics by providing informations and illustrations about the set up of professional (Class B) firework displays, indoor fireworks, consumer fireworks (Class C) and special effects.

The performance of professional and consumer firework devices is explained and a basic knowledge of pyrochemistry is offered by comprehensible terms. There are sections about history of fireworks, pyrotechnically related regulations in Germany and safety rules on display fireworks. The fireworks wiki may serve as a online fireworks dictionary for the novice and the expert as well. Pictures, animations and videos assist to understand some more complicated topics. Readers can find a list about international literature on pyrotechnics and a database with pyrolinks on internet for further knowledge.
Beside of these static contents a numerous community of German speaking and international pyrotechnicians and fireworks fans meet on in order to talk about the profession and hobby they share. The community pages on this website are arranged into a forum (discussion board), a chat (IRC), a users gallery (album), a video server and a calendar listing important international pyro events.

The author of this website Markus Klatt, graduate geologist and system-engineer, is active as a freelancer for some fireworks companies and frequently is responsible for choreographing and shooting professional displays. His trip into the realm of fireworks started during the middle of the 80s, in 1996 he passed his federal Class B shooters licence and the ADR transport licence. At beginning of 1998 he achieved his manufacturer's licence which does permit him the production and modification of fireworks devices. In 2002 he obtained his federal indoor fireworks licence for shooting pyrotechnic articles on stages. Additionally in 2007 he attained the exceptional licence to use high explosives, military pyrotechnics and flammable liquids for creating scenic special effects in productions for cinema & television and on open-air stages.

Because of his deep knowledge for the technical and artistic aspects of pyrotechnics and fireworks displays he took part as jury member in several fireworks display competitions since 2003:

2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
Jury member at "International Fireworks Display Competition" in Tarragona/Spain (additionally writing daily reports about the shows for a newspaper in one year)

2006, 2007, 2008
Jury member at "International Pyromusical World-Championat Pyronale" in Berlin/Germany

Head of jury at "WORLD PYRO AWARD" in Soelden/Austria and Leipzig/Germany

2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Jury member at "International Musical Fireworks Competition" in Hannover-Herrenhausen/Germany

Head of jury at "PYROMUSIKALE World Largest Pyromusical Competition" in Berlin/Germany

Jury member at "Feuerwerkersinfonie" in Potsdam/Germany

2010, 2012, 2014
Jury member at the "Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival" in China

Last but not least Markus Klatt does professional video filming of fireworks shows for publishing on DVD, Blu-ray and internet as service for fireworks companies and competition organisations. Some samples in high definition can be found on his Vimeo account.

You are invited to browse this website and get some glimpses of German type fireworks. For a table of contents (sitemap) with English subtitles (tooltips) click here.

There is the possibility to display the whole website with almost all its content in English by clicking this translation link offered by Babel Fish from altavista®. Some words or even whole sentences may contain errors and seem to be rather strange after the translation, or they appear again in German; yet it can be a good alternative for those who cannot sufficiently understand German.

The navigation within the FEUERWERK (FIREWORKS) Forum is now being translated into English. You are welcome to join our community in the FIREWORKS Forum; in addition to German threads there are special forums which are suitable for discussions in English.

Feel free to ask questions or to propose improvements to the author via email or contact form.

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