Display Fwks E Igniters from Davey Bickford?

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  1. Dear forummembers,

    I am searching a wholesaler of Davey Bickford igniters for the members who don't Davey Bickford, Davey Bickford produces very high quality electronic igniters with a trust of 99%. There is no chinese igniter that can beat this one.
    I need some of it but they are very hardly to find for small quantitys like 300 pieces, does somebody know a wholesaler of it where i can get these?


    Best Regards,
  2. Davey-Bickford Igniters

    Hallo Colpo,
    Davey-Bickford sells quite a big range of igniters for different pyrotechnic applications. You did not say which type you are looking for and in which country. The standard igniters used in display fireworks in most countrys of the world are not sold in Germany as far as I know. Some special types used in indoor work are sold in Germany. To help you some more info is needed.
  3. wir vertreiben die Bickford Zünder Preise gibt es per PN

    Scheffler Feuerwerk
  4. As Martin has written, Davey Bickford is making such an extensive range of different igniters that it is not possible to recommend anything without knowing your specifications. Is it an absolute must to use these ignitors? Otherwise I would recommend to go with the products of Sobbe of Dortmund or Schaffler of Vienna instead.

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