Fallas Fallas de Valencia 2012 - Freakpyromaniacs on Tour!

Dieses Thema im Forum "Wettbewerbe, Festivals" wurde erstellt von Tony, 25. März 2012.

  1. See our new way of filming the mascletas!
    The first two movies are finished, another 5 to go!

    [VIMEO="Pirotecnia Portugues (7 camera edit)"]39047432[/VIMEO]

    [VIMEO="Pirotecnia Hermanos Caballer (8 camera edit)"]39155186[/VIMEO]
    Matthias Meyer, Guranga, pHy und 15 anderen gefällt das.
  2. Tony,

    thank you so much for sharing these great movies!
    Portugues?!?! WTF! :shocked: Pure action shots!

    Fantastic, keep us updated!

    Tony gefällt das.
  3. Hey Somebody that gives a reply!
    Thanks Nightflyer!

    Especially for you i have a new one!

    [VIMEO="Pirotecnia Europla de Belgida"]39207516[/VIMEO]
  4. Thank you Tony. Very nice!
    Tony gefällt das.
  5. Pirotecnia Turis

    [VIMEO="Pirotecnia Turis"]39354652[/VIMEO]
    Matthias Meyer, NightFlyer und Guranga gefällt das.
  6. Inside the cage. That is very nice, but I ihink it is better to use RC Video with Zoom. So you can move the cam smooth from outside.
  7. Sooo good! That gave me a total new insight on how things roll inside the "cage"!
    Really cool way of documenting the mascletaes!

    Keep em comin' :cool:

    Tony gefällt das.
  8. Not possible at that place!
  9. You had already the cams inside. So you only need a receiver and 2 aktuators. The most problem would be the live transmition of the picture. But an aditional webcam at the cam would make a great job.

    The best example for such a system is a football arena. But the idea is to use a cheeper version.
  10. Really not possible! We need to be happy that we are aloud to have cameras inside! We do this for 6 a 7 years know and we know how difficult things are in Valencia.
  11. [VIMEO="Pirotecnia Valenciana"]http://vimeo.com/39424398[/VIMEO]
    Matthias Meyer und NightFlyer gefällt das.
  12. Very nice videos Tony but seems that the video about Valenciana is not working.

    Thanks for presentation of the videos - great job.
  13. Look here! ;)

    Grüße Micha
    NightFlyer und Bunkerratte gefällt das.

  14. Fixed!!
    Matthias Meyer und NightFlyer gefällt das.
  15. [VIMEO="Pirotecnia Ricardo Caballer"]39533369[/VIMEO]

    And the finale one from the square!

    [VIMEO="Pirotecnia Vicente caballer"]39659628[/VIMEO]
    Feuersturm und NightFlyer gefällt das.
  16. Wow, you did a really good job, Tony!
    Must have taken you some time to edit, sequence and render...
    Thanks for letting us enjoy these great mascletas in this new way.

    Tony gefällt das.
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