Consumer Fwks New Year 2016/2017

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  1. Best wishes for all!

    Made some nice movies:)

    Titanium Salute 4x

    [YOUTUBE="Titanium Salute x 4 - Piromax PXB2113 - Oud en Nieuw 2016/2017"]jMZHb_ilZYw[/YOUTUBE]

    Willow time Broekhoff, cake 1 & 2

    [YOUTUBE="Willow Time Cake 1&2 - Broekhoff Vuurwerk - Oud en Nieuw 2016/2017"]3Bg7qvcDP88[/YOUTUBE]

    100 shot salute cake by Funke

    [YOUTUBE="Funke - Wheels of Confusion 100 shot Salute Cake - Oud en Nieuw 2016/2017"]bXv0axi4JuQ[/YOUTUBE]
    mr.mojo, LH-Pyro, Matthias Meyer und 6 anderen gefällt das.
  2. Daisy Beam ( Rubro)

    [YOUTUBE="Daisy Beam x 2 - Rubro Vuurwerk - Oud en Nieuw 2016/2017"]SvJnQRYBmFw[/YOUTUBE]

    Venom Box

    [YOUTUBE="Venom Box x 2 - VuurwerkMania (Geisha) - Oud en Nieuw 2016/2017"]ItXZ2R92rNM[/YOUTUBE]
    mr.mojo, Chelios und Pyro gefällt das.
  3. Great cakebox from Wolff, the Exodus with nice colours!

    [YOUTUBE="Exodus - Wolff Vuurwerk - Oud en Nieuw 2016/2017"]wWD8ZEQbzFI[/YOUTUBE]
  4. Pounding Napalm of VuurwerkMania

    [YOUTUBE="Pounding Napalm x 2 - VuurwerkMania (Pyro Rebels) - Oud en Nieuw 2016/2017"]QNINlBGCj7M[/YOUTUBE]

    Killer instinct Rubro!

    [YOUTUBE="Killer Instinct x 2 - Rubro Vuurwerk - Oud en Nieuw 2016/2017"]j00tjowtZ6s[/YOUTUBE]
  5. Nice videos, thanks for upload.:)

    Are all cakes classified in cat.2 ... ? ???
    My favorites are the Piromax & Funke cake ... wow.
    ZinKje gefällt das.
  6. Thanks! Behalve of the Funke salute cake, its all cat 2. We can all buy in Holland or Belgium as consumer fireworks!
  7. Hi ZinKje, thanks for explanation.

    On my first view I was surprised & confused about the Funke cake.
    In the meantime I checked via Google and now I know that is CAT 4. :D

    Then is no wonder that I was so excited of the cake. ;)

    Great stuff man !

    ZinKje gefällt das.
  8. You re welcome!

    Here 2 other great cakes from Holland!

    [YOUTUBE="Stars over Barcelona/Double Cross - Wolff Vuurwerk - Oud en Nieuw 2016/2017"]AdIFdKbTiTA[/YOUTUBE]

    [YOUTUBE="Joy Ride - Wolff Vuurwerk - Oud en Nieuw 2016/2017"]p_nw5U0eGAo[/YOUTUBE]

    : D
  9. A short but powerfull W shape cake! The Viking :)

    [YOUTUBE="Viking - Wolff Vuurwerk - Oud en Nieuw 2016/2017"]6w27eC0gXZU[/YOUTUBE]
    Tulcea und LH-Pyro gefällt das.
  10. Hi ZinKje, many thanks for your excellent presentation of dutch fireworks! :)
  11. You re welcome! Good to hear you like it! :)
  12. Another great combi box from Holland, from Evolution Fireworks.

    [YOUTUBE="Mayhem FSB 150 B - Evolution Fireworks - Oud en Nieuw 2016/2017"]VRNCN2qKEic[/YOUTUBE]
  13. Some nice bangers:)

    [YOUTUBE="Galactico 2x - PyroStar - Oud en Nieuw 2016/2017"]5h0IlDWKWuA[/YOUTUBE]
  14. A short but powerfull show :)

    [YOUTUBE="Vuurwerkshowtje - Oud en Nieuw 2016/2017"]WIwK2n399Ew[/YOUTUBE]
    challenger gefällt das.
  15. Two nice single rows from Jorge, and some whistling cakes!

    [YOUTUBE="Jorge Single Rows & Concerto Rosso x 8 - Oud en Nieuw 2016/2017"]XfQUZbknVMM[/YOUTUBE]
  16. Some nice 3 inchers:)

    [YOUTUBE="3 Inch Shells - Xplode & Vulcan & Caballer"]A_FzhsTeo6M[/YOUTUBE]
    Pyro gefällt das.
  17. 6 x Happy THunder Q - Evolution Fireworks

    [YOUTUBE="Happy Thunder Q 2016 versie 6 x - Evolution Fireworks"]exZ1W9sBJLM[/YOUTUBE]
  18. Some modified rockets :D

    [YOUTUBE="Modified Rockets"]Zdw2EmIHffs[/YOUTUBE]
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