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  1. Hallo!

    My apologies for I'm writing in English. I'm from Finland and my German is rather poor so I don't want to bother you with even poorer Google translate.

    I'm visiting Berlin this weekend (thursday-sunday) with a friend. We were originally supposed to visit Pyronale on both Friday and Saturday but as you know, the event was postponed. We had already paid our flight tickets with no right of refund so we're visiting Berlin anyway.

    My question is, are there any Pyro activities or stores near Berlin that we could visit/attend? We are both fireworks enthusiasts and pyrotechnicians so we'd be glad to visit any Pyro-related store/event.

    Br, Juhani
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  2. Well, i suppose writing english shouldn't be any problem.

    But, the problem in Germany and fireworks is that selling it is just allowed at the last days of the year. So, I have to disappoint you, but I'm pretty sure u won't find any shop that will open the gates for you. Even if there are some good ones located in Berlin like Feuerwerksvitrine. But Berlin has much more good places to visit, so I'm pretty sure u will have a good time in Berlin anyway.
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  3. Hello Juhani,

    there is one shop i know, is calles Pyro Thron GmbH, in the district Köpenik. its open all over the year. But i think u cant buy there any thing without an exemption.
    Have a nice time in 'Berlin.
    best regards
  4. Welcome to the FEUERWERK Forum.
    Unfortunately I can hardly find any entries for "Berlin" or "Potsdam" in our calendar:

    Woche 35 2018 | FEUERWERK Forum
  5. You can travel to Poland by train and visit some shops there.....
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  6. Hi and welcome to our forum! ;)

    Although the bigger fireworks for silvester (Kat 2) is only available at the end of the year, you can buy Kat 1 fireworks wich has many nice effects too. Its allowed to use the whole year.

    I'm sure users will know locations to buy Kat 1 fireworks in Berlin. Maybe Pyrothron sells it?
  7. Thank you all for your prompt responses! This seems like a very friendly community. We will check out Pyrothron for sure. To clarify, we wouldn't be able to buy any fireworks anyway as it would be very difficult to import them legally to Finland. It would just be nice to do some "shopping". I'm also a small scale fireworks retailer so it would be eye-opening to see what kinds of products there are available in Germany. I'm aware of the online shops but it's always different to actually see and feel the products.

    Currently I sell mostly Jorge (Poland) and JoHo Pyro (Finnish brand).

    Do you know any shops near the Border in Poland?


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  8. Pyro Thron is the only "around the year" shop I know , but beware, the prices there are incredible high, usually at least 50% higher than usual online-shop prices.
  9. Maybe you can call the guys from Feuerwerksvitrine and arrange a visit of their warehouse/reservoir. Especially if you're into the business too, maybe hooking up with you guys is interesting for them as well. Heron is located very close to them and is somewhat affiliated.
    At the same time you can buy some P1 firecrackers at their shop like Funke's Super 1 and 2. Those are of insanely good quality and you can legally buy them all over the year.
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  10. There are some in Sublice, the most well known is I think there are many ways to get to Sublice from Berlin (by train or by bus)
    But be careful, you are not allowed to take most of the fireworks you can get there back to germany so you have to use it in poland...
    Chemiculus gefällt das.
  11. You should definitely contact Julius of via Mail or PM in this forum (his Nickname here: YouDidntWantMe). As far as I remember he once mentioned in a video, that his girlfriend is actually from Finland, so I'm pretty sure he'd be pleased to meet some colleagues from Suomi ;)
  12. Thanks again everybody for your input. We're meeting Feuerwerksvitrine guys tomorrow at their shop. Also We're considering this concert in Berlin.
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